Crushed Concrete Products

ProductPrice Per Ton
RC 6 (Crusher Run)$5.00
RC 2 (1½” to 3”)$15.00
RC 57 (½” to 1¼”)$15.00
RC SURGE (4” to 8”)$15.00

Concrete Recycling, Rubble/Soil Disposal

ProductPrice Per Load
Clean Concrete (Small)$85.00
Clean Concrete (Large)$195.00
Clean Concrete (Roll Off)$225.00
Clean Concrete (Pickup Truck)$30.00
Mixed Concrete (Small)$140.00
Mixed Concrete (Large)$225.00
Mixed Concrete (Roll Off)$250.00
Brick (Small) Limited Qty$230.00
Brick (Large) Limited Qty$350.00
Brick (Roll Off) Limited Qty$420.00
Brick (Pickup Truck)$50.00
Small Dirt$230.00
Large Dirt$350.00
Roll Off Dirt$420.00
Dirt (Pickup Truck)$50.00
Clean Asphalt (Small) Limited Qty$250.00
Clean Asphalt (Large) Limited Qty$375.00
Clean Asphalt (Pickup Truck) Limited Qty$75.00
Clean Asphalt (Roll Off)$420.00
Mixed Asphalt (Large) Limited Qty$400.00
  • No contaminated or hazardous materials of any kind
  • No enclosed vehicles or bagged materials accepted
  • All prices are subject to change without notice
  • Dumping is subject to availability of space